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Premium Pottery bat for Shimpo / Amaco / Brent / Skutt / Roderveld - 30 cm (12 inch)

Premium Pottery bat for Shimpo / Amaco / Brent / Skutt / Roderveld - 30 cm (12 inch)

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Merenok throwing batts are produced from premium quality Moisture proof MDF Extreme (formaldehyde-free) which has 50 year warranty from the manufacturer.
Pre-drilled bat pin pocket holes are 10 mm in diameter and spaced 254 mm (10'') apart to fit most of the modern pottery wheels (including Shimpo / Amaco / Brent / Skutt / Roderveld). The whole top surface of the bat (300mm in diameter) is usable.
The price is per single bat.

The diameter of the bat is 300 mm or 12 inch with pin holes spacing 254 mm which covers most of the Shimpo / Amaco / Brent / Skutt / Roderveld throwing wheels and other brands. If you need a custom sizing - feel free to contact us.


Our bats produced from premium quality formaldehyde-free moisture proof MDF Extreme with thickness of 12 mm. This special sort MDF has 50 year warranty from the manufacturer doesn't need any additional chemical treatment and dimensionally is super stable.

The huge advantages of the bat systems manufactured from MDF Extreme material comparing to a plywood alternatives:

# MDF Extreme doesn't warp at almost any possible conditions
# No signs of mold even being days and weeks in damp conditions
# MDF Extreme is much easier to clean having the same great adhesion with clay.


Even though our bats are produced from high quality moisture resistant MDF for the best results we DO NOT recommend to soak the bats in water.
To clean the batts we recommend first to scrape all the clay and then clean it with a wet sponge.
Store the bat on the edge to let it dry evenly and quick.
Do NOT use heaters to dry the bats, only natural way!


There are few options you can choose:

# without "sticky" mat - for the case your wheel has the bat pins installed and they match with the setup from our bats (254mm or 250mm spacing). In this case just use the bat pins to fix the bat - no mat is needed.

# with 1 sticky mat - Your wheel head has no holes for the bat pins? Or you don't want to drill any holes? Or maybe our bat system doesn't fit your bat pins? But you still want to use all the benefits of bats and bat systems?
No problem at all!
Just use our "sticky" mat.
1 sticky mat is included in this option. In average, if you are using the mat several times a week and treat it well it normally lasts 3 to 5 months.

# with 2 stciky mats - same as "with 1 sticky mat", but you get two mats.


Merenok pottery tools originates from Merenok Ceramics studio. Our initial intent was to produce pottery bats and other tools for our studio in the Netherlands because most of the bats were only available in US and UK what made it relatively pricy in continental Europe plus took too much time to produce and deliver. Most of our bats and bat systems we have in stock in the Netherlands and it's ready to be shipped within 1-3 days all over the Europe and further if needed.


Premium water-proof MDF


see in description or feel free to contact us to ask for details

Care information

Wipe the surface with damp towel and let it dry naturally vertically (no heaters!).

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Mercedes Enne
Good quality

Really good product


Sehr gute Qualität. Klappt einwandfrei und schnelle Lieferung.


Delivery was so fast and the item is great, thanks!


Product was really great we love


Great item. All is great.