About us

OxanaMerenok ceramics and pottery tools originates from a small ceramic home studio at the North of the Netherlands.
Oxana started her pottery hobby a few years ago whilst Alexander got interested in mixing and applying glazes.
So, this is how our ceramics comes into life.
In the meanwhile we both felt some lack of pottery tools we could comfortably use on daily basis.
So we've started to experiment with variations of pottery bats.
It took a year of ordering materials samples, testing them (soaking in water, adhesion with clay), milling first (not very successful) flavours, trowing test pots and redoing all over again 20 times to get proper results.
And, as always happens when you start using something good - people around get curious and request test drive. One after another we've made a few bats and bat systems which potters around liked.
After couple of years after first iterations it still works as a hobby, but with lots of feedbacks, homework and improvements. Saying that, we are extremely grateful for the constructive feedback from people who use our tools and ceramics, this makes our life way more interesting and full of New days.