Handmade ceramics and Pottery tools from the Netherlands, we ship WORLDWIDE

  • mugs

    all our mugs are hand made, so they may differ from item to item, it's never our goal to make them totally alike because it's boring.

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  • plates

    our plates are never perfectly round and never the same - that's the nature of hand made product - we remember every piece we've created and they keet a chunk of our soul

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  • bowls

    the bowls with so much texture and color details thanks to variegated blue glaze and iron-rich clay. we just like to stare at them

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  • Mug Handle templates

    12 different mug handle templates help you make high quality mug handles over and over again

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  • Bat systems

    One of the best on the market bat system for almost any modern turntable.

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  • Tungsten carbide trimming tools

    Our trimming instrument features a cutting loop crafted from tungsten carbide, a brass neck, and a wooden handle coated with a protective oil.

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